Elegance in Stepping Stones

Maintenance Free
Mold & Algae Resistant
Comfortable Texture
Size 16" x 16"
Cool Steps™ Advantages »

Cool Steps™ Advantages

About Cool Steps™

Cool Steps™ is not the typical wet-cast or block-type paver product that homeowners and contractors typically find in home improvement stores or nurseries. CoolSteps™ is a very dense, non-porous machine-made product with an elegant finish that offers many unique advantages to the homeowner.

Homeowner Advantages

  • Maintenance Free
  • Resistant to mold, mildew, algae and salt corrosion.
  • An elegant, rich look enhances any project.
  • Beautiful look in 16" x 16" steps.
  • Perfect for stepping stones, patios, pathways.
  • Cool on the feet even in extremely hot climates.
  • Can be installed in any climate, sealed or unsealed.
  • Beveled edges prevent tripping hazards.
  • Easy sand-set installation saves time, money.
  • Significant upgrade in quality at a small price.